In Chinese philosophy yin and yang describe how opposite forces are interdependent, complementing each other and needing each other to exist. Yin is the receptive, the dark, the female, the moon, whilst yang is the active, the light, the male, the sun. Vanhulle Dance Theatre’s Yin reflects upon these universal symbols in a poetic and physical duet, questioning why yang energy is valued more highly in today’s society and seeking to readdress the balance.

Nothing in life is completely yin or yang, each aspect contains the beginning point for the other and in Yin, we, men and women, are encouraged to tap into this energy and embrace our emotions, sensuality and explore how social ideals and norms of the sexes are shaped, both consciously and unconsciously.

Celebrating female energy and empowerment Yin embraces individuality and sensuality, examining the misperception and misappropriation of female sexuality in society, as something vulgar or bad. In our social system both women and men are taught to see females in a certain light and context, where female sensuality and sexuality are still taboo. Yin playfully questions the perception of self, exploring female energies and emotions and encouraging conversations around self-belief, the dynamics of power between the sexes and our ability to embrace our own natural beauty and inner strength, in both women and men.

Vanhulle Dance Theatre’s eclectic contemporary style is physical and dynamic, with roots in gymnastics and yoga flow and taking inspiration from Kathak. Using the body as an instrument to reflect upon philosophies, human nature and the body and mind’s potential, Artistic Director Laura Vanhulle’s physically impressive choreography combines on stage with live music and vocals in this stunning celebration of sisterhood, self-acceptance, self-expression and empowerment.

Statement of intent from the Artistic Director:

“Often female sexuality is being misperceived in society and it either becomes something vulgar or it is something bad. However being comfortable with your natural female beauty and using it is not a bad thing: it's our strength. In the same way our female emotions are something that can often be seen as a weakness, but these are also an inner strength: there is a strength, honesty and this a power to be found in vulnerability. Conversely what is the woman’s strength is often a man’s weakness in the gender yin and yang scenario. I aim to empower women and celebrate female beauty, strength, sensuality and emotions. We this show I encourage every woman to experiment and play with your female powers from sexuality, to sensuality, to vulnerability, without self judgment.” Laura Vanhulle, Artistic Director, Vanhulle Dance Theatre