‘Infinite Womanhood’ is about the woman: her individuality and sexuality, examining the misperception and misappropriation of female sexuality in society, as something vulgar or bad. In our social system both women and men are taught to see females in a certain light and context, where female sensuality and sexuality are still taboo. The work explores the social ideals and norms women are shaped by, both consciously and unconsciously.

We aim to create conversation about the importance of being comfortable with our natural female beauty and emotions, suggesting that to use them is not a bad thing: it's a woman’s strength. ‘Infinite Womanhood’ is narrative based, but doesn’t express a linear story. Instead it looks playfully at different scenarios, emotions and energies of the female, perceptions of the self and where the power lays between the sexes.

The dance style is physical and dynamic with a lot of floor work and with roots in gymnastics and yoga flow. Artistic Director Laura Vanhulle’s physically impressive choreography combines on stage with live music from Composer/Musician Ricardo Santos Rocha, who uses instruments including accordion and guitar as well as symbolically creating music from found objects, such as a birdcage.

‘Infinite Womanhood’ is influenced by ideas from pole dancing, to Kathak and Geishas, as well as Paulo Coelho’s novel 'Eleven Minutes’.

Statement of intent from the Artistic Director:

“Often female sexuality is being misperceived in society and it either becomes something vulgar or it is something bad. However being comfortable with your natural female beauty and using it is not a bad thing: it's our strength. In the same way our female emotions are something that can often be seen as a weakness, but these are also an inner strength: there is a strength, honesty and this a power to be found in vulnerability. Conversely what is the woman’s strength is often a man’s weakness in the gender ying and yang scenario. I aim to empower women and celebrate female beauty, strength, sensuality and emotions. We this show I encourage every woman to experiment and play with your female powers from sexuality, to sensuality, to vulnerability, without self judgment.” - Laura Vanhulle, Artistic Director, Vanhulle Dance Theatre


Vanhulle Dance Theatre is an emerging contemporary dance company, hailing from Birmingham, led by Belgian Dancer and Artistic Director Laura Vanhulle. The company has an international view of dance and believes the most exciting art comes from collaboration between people of different artistic backgrounds. Vanhulle Dance Theatre uses contemporary dance as the anchor for its work, but also takes inspiration from other forms such as salsa movement, Kathak, African dance styles and gymnastics, as well as the mind-body teachings of yoga, to produce a unique and dynamic movement.


“My favourite was Laura Vanhulle's piece, she was amazing. She really held the audience. I like the fact she had the drummer on stage with her there was a more of a connection to the music. I also enjoyed the way she used the props (a chair, cushion and scarf). She really made me feel her message. I really enjoyed it!” - Aretha Francis, Black Country Touring.

“This is the first time I have watched a performance like this. I was mesmerised and felt the energy throughout particularly loved the end part of the ladies dancing together.” - Audience member

“Awesome and breath-taking collaborative performance.” - Audience member

“Feeling empowered as a woman watching this piece.” - Audience member

“Loved the playfulness and the depth of the piece.” Audience member