Angles In Life mixes live dance with film projections to create a world of optical illusion on stage. Stunning footage of a city landscape provides the backdrop to a unique dance style, which is a fusion of Belgian Laura Vanhulle’s highly technical, poetic and graceful movement and collaborator Marso Rivière's looser, urban and breakin' style approach. Angles In Life is gripping and very physical, inspired by a parcour-based aesthetic.

Transporting the audience to a cinematic, dream-like world, the dance is emotional, gestural and human, at once anxious and playful, beautiful and rough. We are drawn into a battle between two people, set against a foreboding original sound score, which combines music and human sounds such as breath.

A gritty, slick contemporary dance and film production with international
influences, which questions the concept of reality in our world. We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.

"Amazing and so interesting to watch, my favourite moment was the fluidity into the floor and lift and contact work."

"An interesting juxtaposition of videography of choreographer. Beautifully thought through of a lovely score. Interesting physical"


Artistic Director/Dancer - Laura Vanhulle
Dancer/Collaborator - Mickael Marso Rivière
Director of Photography - Mat Beckett
Composers - Ricardo Santos and Nick Peill
Stage and Lighting Designer - Chris Cuthbert/Aquis Media
Producer - Charlotte Gregory
Brochure Image - Donata Kukyte
Web & Marketing Design - nForto Limited,