Artistic Director Laura Vanhulle is an experienced dance facilitator and teacher, having taught both independently nationally and internationally, and for other organisations such as DanceXchange, Sonia Sabri Company and ACE dance and music.

Workshops can be tailored to support curriculum learning and/or linked to VDT’s latest touring production Yin.

We can offer half or full day workshops as well as curtain raisers and residencies.

Who are these creative learning workshops for?

VDT workshops can be tailored to any age group but the company is particularly suited at teaching:

• 1st, 2nd, 3rd Undergraduate Level Degree dance and performing arts students
• GCSE and A-Level dance and performing arts students
• Youth dance groups and companies
• CAT students
• HE and FE in general

What will participants get from the workshops?

1) Technique:

• Highly technical practise, including:
• Flying Low/ floor work
• Athletic approach to dance training
• Strength, alignment and flexibility training
• Balanced with thoughtful released movement

2) Choreography:

• Poetic, emotional, visual led dance theatre
• Looking at composition in space
• Use of props and theatre in dance
• Considering scenography; looking at creatively on how to start a Choreographic practise from use of space, set or lighting design

For tour venues:

We have a programme of workshops, curtain raisers and residency-based activities to complement each show and your audience development objectives. We are also open to ideas and existing venue initiatives - please let us know how we can work with you and support your ongoing audience development work.

To talk about our Creative Learning opportunities:

+44 (0)7794 703592 / [email protected]