Vanhulle Dance Theatre is a brand new contemporary dance company, hailing from Birmingham, led by Artistic Director Laura Vanhulle. The company has an international view of dance and believes the most exciting art comes from collaboration between people of different artistic backgrounds.

Vanhulle Dance Theatre uses contemporary dance as the anchor for its work, but also takes inspiration from other forms such as salsa movement, Kathak, african dance styles and gymnastics, as well as the mind-body teachings of yoga, to produce a unique and dynamic movement. When creating work the company collaborates with artists from across the spectrum: filmmakers, musicians, designers, painters, giving every individual a voice within a piece and freedom of expression.

Vanhulle Dance Theatre's work is audience-focused and the company believes in equality through art: it is important to reach all types of people through dance, thereby making the gap between performer and audience member smaller, meanwhile challenging the audience to reconsider their own perceptions of both dance and the world around them.

Vanhulle Dance Theatre's work takes inspiration from everyday life, from human stories and personal experience, producing work which has real resonance in our modern world.

A gritty, slick contemporary dance and film production with international
influences, which questions the concept of reality in our world. We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.